Philipp Leitner


I am currently a senior research associate at University of Zurich, where I lead a team working on, broadly defined, service- and cloud-based software engineering. We do things such as study how cloud software is being implemented, and propose frameworks to ease the  implementation or evaluation of cloud software. Right now, I am probably most know for my work on quality prediction and optimisation for service-based systems systems, and for the QoS-aware service registry VRESCO. The best way to contact me is either per e-mail or via Twitter.

I am retiring this website! Please go to my current website!


  • [23.6.2016] Check out the Google Scholar Slack integration I am tinkering with. It supports looking for Bibtex entries and authors directly from Slack.
  • [21.6.2016] I will be co-editing a special issue for IEEE Cloud Computing on “Connecting Fog and Cloud”, with a targeted publication date of March/April 2017. The submission deadline for special issue papers will be beginning of October.
  • [18.5.2016] We received the best short paper award at ICPC’16 for our paper “Towards Quality Gates in Continuous Delivery and Deployment”.
  • [29.3.2016] SNF has accepted my project “MINCA – Models to Increase the Cost Awareness of Cloud Developers” for funding! The project is scheduled to start 1.4.2016.
  • [27.11.2015] I will be co-organizing a Dagstuhl GI seminar on Performance-Aware DevOps. Find more details on the seminar web page.


I am working mainly with

  • Jürgen Cito (University of Zurich, PhD student, cloud performance engineering)
  • Gerald Schermann (University of Zurich, PhD student, evolution of cloud-based systems)
  • Joel Scheuner (University of Zurich, master student, Hasler project DevCloud)
  • Genc Mazlami  (University of Zurich, master student, Hasler project DevCloud)
  • Dominik Schöni  (University of Zurich, master student, Hasler project DevCloud)



Our research  is funded directly by the University of Zurich, Department of Informatics, by the European 7th Framework Programme via the project CloudWave, by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) via the MINCA project, and by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Programme via the COST Action ACROSS. Further, our research and teaching is supported by various cloud provider grants and sponsorships, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM / Softlayer.


Google Scholar h-index
A pretty up-to-date list of my scientific publications is maintained by Google Scholar. I currently have a Google Scholar h-index of 21.



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I am also reasonably active on Academia Stack Exchange. It’s a great place to ask questions about life in academia. Come post a question there.

From here, you could check out my information for students, my dedicated research web page, or visit the homepage of our lab.